Semaphore is a research cluster at the iSchool, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, dedicated to inclusive design in the area of mobile and pervasive computing. At the heart of this research initiation are the complimentary goals of providing (a) the ability to access mobile and pervasive computing services and information in a variety of settings, activities and environments; and (b) the ability to transform these environments and tools to reduce disability brought on by a mismatch between individuals and their environments. These two goals entail both theoretical and applied research into three related areas: Participatory Material Culture, Sensory Information Processing and Adaptive Games and Inclusive Play.

Semaphore is led by Director Professor Matt Ratto (Faculty of Information) and Associate Directors Professor Sara Grimes (Faculty of Information) and Professor Rhonda McEwen (Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology). Semaphore is part of the Inclusive Design Institute, and funded by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) New Initiatives Fund and associated ORF-RE. The IDI effort is interdisciplinary and cross-institutional, involving researchers from eight collaborating partner institutions across several departments and fields.

For general inquiries or more information about our ongoing research initiatives, please contact Amy Ratelle, Research Coordinator, at amy.ratelle@utoronto.ca.


Getting to Semaphore

The main Semaphore lab space is located on the 7th floor of Robarts Library, 130 St. George Street, on the University of Toronto campus. To reach the 7th floor, please take the P4 Elevator – this is the only elevator that goes to the 7th floor. ┬áThe P4 Elevator is located on the 2nd floor of Robarts. If you enter from the main Robarts entrance, please take the escalator or elevator to reach the 2nd floor.

Many of our events are held in the Demo Room, which is located on the ground floor of Robarts Library. To reach the Demo Room, please use the main entrance on St. George closest to Harbord. Staying to the right, walk towards the back of the library. Turn right at the student printing station, and this room will be straight ahead, next to the Accessibility Services Desk.