Critical Making

The critical making laboratory is a shared space for opening up the practice of experimentation with embedded and material digital technology to students and faculty in the Faculty of Information. The lab provides tools, materials, and training for building devices such as wearable computers, RFID systems, ubiquitous computing networks, and other physical computing technologies. However, while the critical making lab organizes its efforts around the making of material objects, devices themselves are not the ultimate goal. Instead, through the sharing of results and an ongoing critical analysis of materials, designs, and outcomes, the lab participants together perform a practice-based engagement with the pragmatic and theoretical issues around information and information technology. Physical computational objects are increasingly part of libraries, museums, and information environments more generally. The lab serves as a novel space for conceptualizing and investigating the critical social, cultural, and political issues that surround and influence the movement of information processing capability into the physical environment.

Featured Project: Making Sense

Posted on Apr 14th, 2016

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Nia and Vorum partner to deliver 3D-printed prosthetics to children in developing countries

Posted on Apr 8th, 2016

Vorum provides software to help Nia Technologies boost output of overtaxed orthopaedic technologists

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Featured Project: Camera Obscura

Posted on Mar 8th, 2016

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Camera Obscura - additional photos

Posted on Mar 8th, 2015

More photos taken with 3D-printed pinhole camera

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EVENT(s): Professor Andrew Feenberg - Workshop and Colloquium Talk

Posted on Feb 25th, 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016

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