Seeking University of Toronto Faculty to be Semaphore Affiliates

By Amy Ratelle on Apr 15th, 2014

The Semaphore Research Cluster on Mobile and Pervasive Computing seeks new faculty affiliates from University of Toronto St. George, Scarborough, and Mississauga campuses. We are a CFI/MRI funded research group studying emergent developments in digital technologies with a general mandate to address issues of accessibility, broadly construed. We pride ourselves on our multi-disciplinary approach and welcome interest from faculty in engineering, medicine, dentistry, music, social science and humanities departments, or the natural sciences.

Located on the 1st and 7th floors of the Robarts Library on the St. George campus, Semaphore offers a range of technical equipment (loaner devices, 3D printers and design workstations, circuit board mill, miscellaneous electronics prototyping, gaming equipment, and eye tracking technology) related to mobile and pervasive computing developments. We also have excellent work and demonstration/event space in Robarts Library, and can provide working and meeting space, access to private funders, as well as potential administrative support for grant-writing and reporting.

Thematically, the work of Semaphore addresses what we see as the most important socio-technical transformation currently underway. This is namely, the increasing blurriness between the virtual modes of behavior and social activity typically situated within our digital environments, and modes of behavior and activity typical of physical space. Researchers from any discipline interested in these themes, in generating novel devices and systems, or in addressing critical social and humanities-based questions regarding them are encouraged to contact us.

If you are a faculty member at any U of T campus (St. George, Mississauga, Scarborough), please contact us to set up an appointment to visit Semaphore and discuss options with Semaphore Director Matt Ratto, or Associate Directors Rhonda McEwen or Sara Grimes.