Games for the Disabled: Semaphore & AbleGamer's Accessibility Arcade

By Amy Ratelle on Apr 29th, 2014

DORKSHELF.COM - "Housed in Robarts Library in downtown Toronto, the first Canadian chapter of the Accessibility Arcade is a joint effort of the U.S.-based charity the AbleGamers Foundation and the Semaphore Research Cluster, a team of researchers that, as part of U of T’s Faculty of Information, examines accessibility issues about emerging technology.

Sara Grimes, who co-launched the Accessibility Arcade, is associate director at Semaphore, and looks specifically at accessibility and exclusivity as it relates to video games.

'A variety of types of players aren’t necessarily thought of as "the normal gamer," and so we hear a lot about gender, ethnicity, and racial background,' says Grimes. 'But we’re also looking at how disabled gamers are excluded in various ways, as well as identifying ways to enable inclusivity and to promote inclusive play and opportunities for all players and all gamers to be able to play together.'"  Click here for the full article.

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