Semaphore Colloquium Series: Quantifying Children’s Intuitive Interactions with Tablet Computers

By Amy Ratelle on Oct 23rd, 2013

Adam Dubé, a post-doctoral fellow at Semaphore, is working with Professor Rhonda McEwen on a research project that looks at children’s intuitive interactions with tablet computers. Recently, Dubé presented some preliminary findings at a colloquium talk, outlining methodologies and research completed to date. Their study looks at educational software aimed at children that, ostensibly, helps children learn and improve their mathematical skills.

Since the release of Apple's popular iPad device, tablet computers have quickly found their way into classrooms. Their research looks at what kinds of applications are out there for children looking to improve their math skills, and what do these applications really do to facilitate learning, while looking at children’s engagement with these applications. What is the relationship between children and these devices, and how do they aim to improve children’s learning? Perhaps most saliently, do these programs actually work? In Dubé’s talk, he outlines methodologies used in this study, and provides a new conceptual approach to studying children’s interactions with tablets. Above, you will find a short introductory clip, and the full video is available here.

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