Semaphore welcomes new developer-in-residence

By Amy Ratelle on Jul 14th, 2016

Semaphore is pleased to welcome our newest Developer-in-Residence, Pierre Séguin as part of our Experts-in-Residence program.

Pierre is the CEO of Brili, Inc.  A leader in technology innovation for almost two decades, Pierre has held senior roles in software project and product management, spearheading multimillion-dollar marketing technology programs for Nissan, General Motors and other global clients. As father to a son with ADHD and other learning differences, Pierre founded Brili in 2014 to create a cross-platform, real-time system to help kids stay on task, learn to manage their time and succeed with daily routines. Pierre is an enthusiastic Agile practitioner, amateur grease monkey, reformed fitness nut and a hopeless geek dad.


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