Technoscience Research Unit joins Semaphore

By Amy Ratelle on Jul 19th, 2017

The Technoscience Research Unit (TRU) is excited to announce it is joining the iSchool's Semaphore Research Cluster and setting up a TRU lab alongside Semphore's Critical Making Lab (directed by Prof Matt Ratto), the Kids DIY Gaming lab (directed by Prof Sara Grimes,) and the Sensory Information Processing lab (directed by Prof Rhonda McEwen). The TRU is a home for social justice, decolonial,and feminist science and technology studies scholarship.  Directed by Professor Michelle Murphy, the TRU brings together faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and community members who work on questions of engaged technoscience as it relates to environmental justice, data justice, decolonial science, and reproductive justice.  The TRU is a partner of the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative that develops civic tech practices to mobilize grassroots web archiving of vulnerable US environmental and climate data, monitors US government websites, and writes rapid academic analyses of environmental politics.  The TRU is also proud to be co-organizer, along with the Politics of Evidence led by Professor Natasha Myers (York University), of the Technoscience Salon that creates a city wide forum for critical Science and Technology Studies; This year's Technoscience Salon is in collaboration with the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology on the theme of Repair and Refusal.  The TRU is also an editorial hub for the journal Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience and is home to Endocrine Disruptor Action that addresses questions of chemical exposures and environmental data justice in Canadian toxics governance.   The TRU is thrilled to be moving into Semaphore, and to be jointly located in the Faculty of Information  and the Faculty of Arts and Science.