Games In Film - Tetris: From Russia With Love

By Amy Ratelle on Jan 5th, 2013

January 22, 2014 @7pm
Media Commons Screening Room 1

For our first Games in Film event of the academic year we screened the BBC documentary Tetris: From Russia with Love (2004) in Screening Room 1 at the Media Commons, followed by a panel discussion with Susan Abramovitch, LLP and BCL Partner at Gowlings; Brett Caraway, PhD cross-appointed at the Institute of Communication Culture and Information Technology and the Faculty of Information; and Matt Wells, PhD student at the Faculty of Information and Semaphore, hosted by Chris J. Young, PhD student at the Faculty of Information and Semaphore. The film documented the development of the game Tetris during the 1980s and its rise to fame from Russia via controversial, international legal issues. In the panel discussion we explored many of the copyright, intellectual property, and game design issues highlighted in the film, and how they converged throughout the development and production of the game Tetris. The panel created a balanced atmosphere of professional and academic knowledge through Abramovitch’s legal expertise in entertainment law alongside Caraway’s and Wells’s expertise of digital media intellectual property and game design, respectively. The panel opened up to a 15 minute question and answer period where the audience asked questions surrounding themes of game copyright, international copyright law, and how to protect your own game’s copyright. (Written by Chris J. Young)

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