Games In Film - Get Lamp

By Amy Ratelle on Mar 15th, 2013

5:00-7:30pm Tuesday March 12, 2013
Media Commons, Screening Room 2 (Robarts Library, 130 St. George St.)

Games in Film nights discuss issues surrounding games and gaming more broadly as they are represented in film. For this event we will watch and then have a panel discussion on the film Get Lamp. The film is a documentary that explores the history of text-adventure games, or interactive fiction, beginning with the first game Adventure in the late 1970s continuing on to the early 1990s when text-adventure games went out of fashion due to the rise of graphic based games.   Our panelists for this event are:

Alison Harvey, PhD Post-Doc, Faculty of Information & Semaphore Lab, UofT
Andy Keenan, PhD (Student) Faculty of Information & Semaphore Lab, UofT
Elisa Tersigni, PhD (Candidate) English Dept. & Lexicon for Early Modern English, UofT
All students, faculty and other interested parties are welcome. There are 48 seats available. ‚ÄčREGISTER HERE 


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