Minecraft Game Being Hailed as Teaching Tool

By Amy Ratelle on May 31st, 2013

TORONTO STAR - "It’s a disconcerting scene that’s been playing out for upwards of a year in our east-end Toronto basement. Quinn Hall and Malcolm Pirrie, both freshly 11, are holed up there, their faces contorting in spasms of concentration as they stare at their laptop screens. Transfixed with the digital goings-on, our kid and his best pal are Skyping each other across the length of the rec room, a cyborg strategy that ensures conversation won’t inadvertently lift their eyes from their computing endeavours. “What’s happening in your basement is happening in basements literally all over the world,” says Joel Levin, a private school teacher in New York. “There’s something about this game that kids are fascinated with.” The game is Minecraft..." read more

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