Dreaming in 3D

By Amy Ratelle on Dec 12th, 2013

INNOVATION.CA - "While 3-D printing is not a new technology, the development of smaller, and cheaper, machines now allows people to buy a compact consumer version at Staples. And while the spectre of criminals potentially using the technology to print untraceable handguns has the 3-D printer very much in the news these days, that’s obviously not how most buyers are fantasizing about using this invention. From printed food to printed fashion, the media is overflowing with ideas for the brave new world of 3-D printing. Matt Ratto brings us back to reality with a more level-eaded look at where the technology is now, and where it might be headed. An assistant professor and director of the Critical Making Lab (which experiments with the pragmatic as well as social and cultural implications of new digital technologies) in the faculty of information at the University of Toronto, Ratto is involved in a whole host of studies that explore how 3-D printing might change our business and social interactions in the future." Click here for the full interview.

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