Different games: A report and a challenge for the future

Authors: Harvey, A.

In what follows, I will give a brief report on the conference and include some of my thoughts regarding something I believe needs to be reflected on, talked about, and addressed in the future. Different Games lived up to my expectations in myriad ways, igniting amazing conversations, showcasing the variety of perspectives and experiences that underlie difference and diversity in games, and proving that incredible things can happen when you move beyond conversations that end with the call for greater diversity but actually probe what that multiplicity and divergence might look and work like. It also highlighted some places that we need to do better in, specifically ableist practices and language and attentiveness to how we, in our pursuit of inclusivity, must be ever mindful of how every single day our ally card expires and we need to actively work to earn it again, particular when it pertains to the differently-abled.

Harvey, A. (2013) Different games: A report and a challenge for the future. WIDGET. Retrieved from http://widgetau.org/different-games-a-report-and-a-challenge-for-the-future/. [report]

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