Critical theory of technology.

Authors: Grimes, S.M.

Research on and with digital technologies is everywhere today. This timely, authoritative Handbook explores the issues of rapid technological development, social change, and the ubiquity of computing technologies which have become an integrated part of people's everyday lives.

This is a comprehensive, up-to-date resource for the twenty-first century. It addresses the key aspects of research within the digital technology field and provides a clear framework for readers wanting to navigate the changeable currents of digital innovation.

Main themes include:

- Introduction to the field of contemporary digital technology research

- New digital technologies: key characteristics and considerations

- Research perspectives for digital technologies: theory and analysis

- Environments and tools for digital research

- Research challenges

Aimed at a social science audience, it will be of particular value for postgraduate students, researchers and academics interested in research on digital technology, or using digital technology to undertake research.

Grimes, S.M. & Feenberg, A. (2013). Critical theory of technology. In Price, S., C. Jewitt & B. Brown (Eds.) The SAGE handbook of digital technology research. London: SAGE Publications Ltd. [book chapter]

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