Relationships, community & networked individuals

Authors: McEwen, R. and Wellman, B.

The internet has begun to develop into a much more immersive and multi-dimensional space. Three dimensional spaces and sites of interaction have not just gripped our attention but have begun to weave or be woven into the fabric of our professional and social lives. The Immersive Internet – including social media, augmented reality, virtual worlds, online games, 3D internet and beyond – is still nascent, but is moving towards a future where communications technologies and virtual spaces offer immersive experiences persuasive enough to blur the lines between the virtual and the physical. It is this emerging Immersive Internet that is the focus of this book of short thought pieces – postcards from the metaverse – by some of the leading thinkers in the field. The book questions what a more immersive and intimate internet might mean for society and for each of us.

McEwen, R. & Wellman, B. (2013) Relationships, community & networked individuals. In R. Teigland & D. Power (eds). The immersive internet: Reflections on the entangling of the virtual with society, politics and the economy. London: Palgrave-Macmillan [book chapter]

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