Research Output

Title Publisher Year Downloads
Intuitive or Idiomatic? An information-cognitive psychology study of child-…

Dubé, A. K. & McEwen, R.

77th ASIS&T Annual Meeting 2014
WINC 2: Workshop in numerical cognition

Dubé, A. K., & LeFevre, J-A.

Do gestures matter: The implications of learning mathematics on a tablet co…

Dubé, A. K., & McEwen, R.

Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science. 2014
Child-generated content: Children’s authorship and interpretive practices i…

Grimes, S.M.

University of Toronto Press. 2014  
Children and online games.

Grimes, S.M.

Wiley Blackwell 2014
Configuring the child player: Virtual worlds design and the politics of chi…

Grimes, S.M.

Science, Technology & Human Values 2014  
Little big scene: Making and playing culture in Media Molecule's Littl…

Grimes, S.M.

Cultural Studies, OnlineFirst 2014  
Reconfiguring play: Children with disabilities and the regulation of adapti…

Grimes, S.M. & Harvey, A.

Canadian Communication Association Annual Conference at SSHRC Congress 2014
Engendering creativity, engendering labour: Girls & DIY media.

Harvey, A. & Grimes, S.M.

Internet Research 15.0: Boundaries and Intersections, Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) 2014
Mediating sociality: the use of iPod Touch™ devices in the classrooms of st…

McEwen, R.

Information, Communication & Society 2014  
Intuitive or Idiomatic? An information-cognitive psychology study of child-…

McEwen, R., & Dubé, A. K.

Association for Information Science and Technology 77th Annual Meeting 2014
Animality and Children’s Literature and Culture

Ratelle, A.

Palgrave Macmillan 2014  
Ethics and edibility in Charlotte’s Web.

Ratelle, A.

The Lion and the Unicorn 2014  
DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media.

Ratto, M. & Boler, M., eds.

MIT Press 2014  
Critical making as research program: introduction to the forum on critical …

Ratto, M., Jalbert, K. & Wylie, S.

The Information Society 2014