Research Output

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Critical Making Special Forum Issue

Ratto, M., Jalbert, K., & Wylie, S., eds.

The Information Society 2014
3D printed guns and the prospects for government regulation of emerging tec…

Record, I.

Consortium for Socially Relevant Philosophy of/in Science and Engineering. 2014
Autocomplete: Providing epistemically responsible information on the intern…

Record, I.

6th Workshop on Philosophy of Information. Durham, USA. 2014
Remaking the past: History in 3D.

Record, I.

Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science. 2014
Who is a suitably prepared model user?

Record, I.

Models and Simulations 6, South Bend, USA. 2014
Blind tennis: Extreme users and participatory design.

Record, I., coons, g., Julien, M. & Ratto, M.

Participatory Design Conference. Windhoek, Namibia. 2014
Regulating the Liberator: Prospects for government regulation of 3D printin…

Record, I., Southwick, D., coons, g., & Ratto, M.

Journal of Peer Production 2014  
Gamification in theory and action: A survey.

Seaborn, K. and Fels, D.

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 2014  
Institutions for civic technoscience: How critical making is transforming e…

Wylie, S., Jalbert, K., Dosemagen, S., & Ratto, M.

The Information Society 2014  
Learning in a landscape: Simulation-building as reflexive intervention

Beaulieu, A., Ratto, M. and Scharnhorst, A.

Mind & Society 2013  
Can tablet computers facilitate children’s understanding of Mathematics?

Dubé, A. & McEwen, R.

Canadian Society for brain behaviour and cognitive science. 2013
Can tablet computers facilitate children’s understanding of mathematics?

Dubé, A. K., & McEwen, R.

Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology 2013  
Intervention for inclusivity: Gender politics and indie game development.

Fisher, S. & Harvey, A.

Loading…Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association 2013
Children’s digital games: New research and emerging questions.

Grimes, S.M.

2013 SBGames Conference, Mackenzie University. 2013
Critical theory of technology.

Grimes, S.M.

SAGE Publications 2013