Research Output

Title Publisher Year Downloads
Design-to-Fabricate: Maker Hardware Requires Maker Software.

Schmidt, R. and Ratto, M.

IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications 2013  
Immersive advertising and children’s game spaces

Grimes, S.M.

Wiley-Blackwell 2012
Orality in the library: How mobile phones challenge our understandings of c…

McEwen, R. and Scheaffer, K.

Library and Information Science Research 2012  
Textual Doppelgangers: Critical Making as Pedagogy, as Research

Ratto, M.

Canadian Communications Association 2012  
Materializing Information: 3D Printing and Social Change

Ratto, M. and Ree, R.

First Monday 2012  
Welcome to the (electric) Dollhouse

Ratto, M., Borg, M., Stein, J., and Jamieson, G.

Fed Dev Ontario 2012  
Just Google it: Algorithms and knowledge on the internet.

Record, I.

Canadian Communication Association 2012
Who is a suitably prepared model user?

Record, I.

Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Science 2012
Children's use of arithmetic shortcuts: The role of attitudes in strat…

Robinson, K. M., & Dubé, A. K.

Child Development Research 2012
Critical making.

Ratto, M. & Hertz, G.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac – Special Issue on The Culture of Digital Education: Innovation in Art, Design, Science and Technology Practices.