iSchool Website Merger Two become one - merging the two current iSchool websites

In order to have user-editable profile pages on, users needed to be able to log in.  Modules have been added to Drupal and Apache so users could login using their UofT credentials with the new Shibboleth standard. The content from the current site was migrated to the iSchool site, with particular attention paid to the profiles. This feature is the highest priority and will be the first one to be delivered. Jeff Roberts will be continuing to work on the Shibboleth integration, while Anna Eskin will continue to work on migrating the profile pages.

The site’s appearance has also been improved, with a paper mock-up of the new front page being made. Subsequently, an off-the-shelf theme was selected to use as a starting point for the new theme for the iSchool site. A plain version of the theme can be viewed at

The theme needs to be customized and applied to our content. Work to date can be seen at (Note that this site is very rough!)

The information architecture (IA) was implemented as specified in the Academica report, with a new menu created using the content on The results can be seen at: We would like to build on the session that was led by Colin Furness in early February and hold additional consultations over the coming weeks. Joanna King will continue to shepherd this process.

Project Contact Information:

Susan Sim - Project Leader

Joanna King - Project Manager

Anna Eskin - Delivery Manager

Click here to download the full Project Proposal.

Project Meeting Minutes:

January 23, 2015

January 30, 2015

Project Updates

iSchool Website Hackathon - Meeting Agenda Jan. 23 by Amy Ratelle

Posted on Jan 21st, 2015

The first meeting to discuss “Look and Feel” will take place this Friday, January 23 from 1-3pm

Friday Jan 23rd, 2015
LocationSemaphore Boardroom, room 7020, 7th floor, Robarts Library

Download the Agenda here.

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