Space Station

Space Station is a research project designed to develop an online repository of files to help makerspaces, as well as public institutions, encourage wider engagement with outer-space resources and exploration. In addition to technical components, such as models for 3D printing and simple DIY science experiments, the repository will also contain both cultural and social entries, such as Carl Sagan’s novel Contact and TV series Cosmos, as a means of exploring issues beyond the purely technological. This research will serve as a model for the creation of other programs that seek to combine high technology with social and cultural inquiry.

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PhD Candidate Dan Southwick featured in Toronto Life by Amy Ratelle

Posted on Oct 22nd, 2016

"The 3D wizard"

[TORONTO LIFE] Workers will specialize in nanotech, robots and 3-d printing. We asked five bright-eyed University of Toronto students about their futuristic career paths:

Dan Southwick,…

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